Take Home Homemade

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A Dessert That Brings a Family Together


There are certain foods that take us to a happier time with family and friends.  After a great Sunday meal or 4th of July cookout, that homemade butter roll was the perfect ending.

Our delicious butter roll give you a special love for homemade desserts.  While the origins of Southern butter rolls are hazy, the roots run deepest in Memphis and a few other areas in the Mississippi Delta region.  Take home this Southern dessert along with a homemade caramel cake and enjoy the experience of family, friends, and home!


Meet  the  chef


 I use to watch my mother take her time in the kitchen, cooking with fresh fruits, and vegetables, sifting flour, talking about the good old days. The days were the sweet smells coming from the kitchen, will calm a household full of rowdy kids down. Just the smell of a home cook meal, will bring peace to anyone after a hard day at work.


Every ounce of my ingredients in my Butter Roll does just that. Warms your heart and fill your belly with the most, delicious dessert you could image. I can hear you saying with every bite, “Now That’s A Butter Roll”


Happiness is homemade. 

Cooking with love provides food for the soul.